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Completely Custom Bra

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Order a custom made bra from Queen of Cups Lingerie! This product is an initial order for a custom-made bra and a virtual or in person fitting. Once you've ordered, you will be sent an email link with instructions for next steps in the ordering process. 

Step 1 - Complete the Online Bra Order 

Over in our Shop, select the Online Bra Order and complete the payment.

Step 2 - Fill out the quiz

We will send you a short quiz about yourself, your bra issues, and your style/colour preferences. 

Step 3 - wait for the post

Once you've completed the quiz, we'll create a fitting package for you! It will contain all the things you need to get the information about your body to us. 

Step 4 - Measurements and consultation

Your fitting package arrives - hooray! In it you'll find the tools and forms you need to get us the info we need to make your bra. You'll also find a link to set up an online consultation with the Queen of Cups to ensure we've got all the info we need. At this time, we'll also set the final price for your bra, because it will depend on your fabric choices. We'll send you the invoice, you will make the payment, and off we go to the races! 
For an idea of prices, our fully custom bras generally cost between $250 and $300 Canadian.  

Step 5 - you bra comes to you!

We've finished your bra, and then we send it to you - whoohoo! You can try it on and use our fit guide to make sure everything is ok. If it isn't, you book another online call and we'll see what we need to tweak. You can follow a simple return process to return it as with the kit. If it fits, we're done! You have an amazing, fit-to-you bra! 

Would you like to see examples of our product? Follow us on Instagram @queenofcupslingerie!

Once our fitting kit has been mailed, this product is non-refundable. If you have any questions, please contact before ordering.