Finding Your Bra Size

We do our bra sizing a bit differently here than you may be used to in a store. The traditional store sizing can be inaccurate and differs from brand to brand, or between styles in a brand. 

We use two numbers to differentiate your size, as well as an underwire size. If you're looking to purchase a bra from our Samples and Seconds selection, you need to know:

  • Your true ribcage measurement
  • Your bottom cup depth measurement

Your True Ribcage Measurement

With a sewist's measuring tape, measure around your naked body just below the bottom of your breasts. Make sure your tape is not twisted. Take a few breaths, in and out, and take your measurement with the tape snug to your body but not too tight. It's always best if someone else can do the measurement for you. 

This measurement is your ribcage measurement. For example, it could be 39. 

Most bra companies only have that ribcage portion of their sizing in even numbers. However, we customize our bands so you may see odd numbers.

Your Bottom Cup Depth Measurement

Instead of a letter, we use the volume of the lower part of the breast as a measurement. Our sizes are in quarter inch increments.  

Your bottom cup volume is measured from where you breast meets your chest directly underneath your nipple, right up to your nipple. This is a curved measurement. Try it with your best fitting bra on, and on your naked body. Leaning forward helps! Don't forget to measure both sides. 

Underwire Sizing

Our underwires are sourced from Bra Makers Supply in Hamilton, Ontario. 

We carry a full range of the Long underwires, which are used as the base for all Pinup Girl Patterns by Beverly Johnson. They are also compatible with other bra making patterns. We carry the Regular and Short wire lengths from BMS as well.  

We also carry vertical wires, which are a slightly different shape and work well with omega shaped breasts. 

If you aren't sure which size to buy, we recommend buying a set of 3 pairs, with the "middle" size of the pair being the size recommended for the size you measure in your pattern. 

You can also reach out to us with your underwire sizing questions!

Short Underwire Size Chart

Regular Underwire Size Chart

Long Underwire Size Chart

Vertical Underwire Size Chart