three line figure women with different body shapes wearing bras that fit them

Our founder, Abby Pond, was a frustrated professional woman who couldn’t find a bra that fit. She spent hours traveling to specialty shops and retail chains, only to leave empty handed, frustrated, and ashamed.

Queen of Cups Lingerie CEO Abby Pond

She felt like something was wrong with her. The bras didn’t fit her – the bras that were supposed to make her feel sexy and appealing, poised and alluring. She felt abnormal because they didn’t work for her body.

By 2014, she’d had enough.

She learned to make her own bras. As her friends discovered this newfound skill, they began asking for bras too. The more she spoke to others, the more she realized that the fashion industry was fundamentally failing to support women in every way that counted.

Queen of Cups Lingerie was born in 2016 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Our purpose is to empower women.

Empowering women: Lingerie

Our bodies are not the problem – it is the garments, how they are designed, manufactured and marketed to us.

Our bras are fitted exactly to your body and lifestyle. They’re designed and built to support you so well you forget you’re wearing a bra.

That leaves you free to tackle the challenges of your day, large or small, without poking wires, falling straps, tight bands, and overflowing cups.

Empowering women: Employment

The garment industry worldwide routinely exploits women and girls who work in dangerous factories for little or no wages. Our fast fashion habits are directly contributing to the oppression of other women.

All Queen of Cups Lingerie products are made in New Brunswick, Canada, by women who are earning a living wage, in flexible working conditions that meet the needs of their lifestyle.

Empowering women: Environment

The fashion industry is also one of the worst polluters on the planet, contributing to vast amounts of trash and climate change. Around the world, it is women and children who are most vulnerable to the effects of pollution and climate change.

We are committed to completely greening our textiles and materials. The majority of our fabrics are milled in Canada or in other certified mills and are plant-based, which means that they biodegrade. Where that isn't possible, we choose to use fabrics that will last the longest, extending the life of your product.

We don’t carry large inventory or overstock – each garment is made when it is ordered. By utilizing a pre-order system, we don't contribute to the mountains of unsold clothing that end up in landfills each year.

Our bras, with proper care, have a useful life of over 1.5 years, with many clients wearing bras 3 years or longer. We reuse the metal components of our bras whenever possible, right down to the hooks and eyes in the fasteners, once your bra has ended its life with you.

Our lounge bras are made from a 100% organic Tencel fabric and a 100% recycled mesh made from plastic bottles, and are the "greenest" bras we make.

We are constantly seeking better, greener, and more versatile supplies to minimize our environmental impact. Our packaging is minimal and 100% recycled or reused, and is reusable and recyclable by you.