How does our pre-order, manufacture on demand system work?

1. From the 1st to the 15th of every month, we open up for pre-orders. We have base fabrics or styles that are always available, plus new season ones to choose from.

2. You take your measurements and pre-order your bra. There are a limited number available, so we suggest ordering early to avoid waiting till the next month!

3. From the 15th to the 15th, we are making and shipping out your orders. 

4. On the 1st of the next month, we open up for pre-orders again!

graphic of person happily sewing

Why do you manufacture on demand?

First and foremost, it lets us waste less and make bras more efficiently. That means lower prices for you. It means easier work for our employees. And it means less impact on the planet.

Second, we can make your bra to fit your measurements. Ever wish you could take the cups out of one bra, the wires from another, and the band from another? That's essentially what we are doing. It isn't quite a fully custom bra, which is fitted by an expert bra maker and drafted to fit your needs, but it is way better than buying one off the rack. 

Finally, it lets us control our growth and focus on quality. We don't have to guess what we need to order for supplies. We don't have to waste our employee's time sewing bras that will never be worn. We don't have to work overtime and feel stressed, pressured, or burnt out because we suddenly have more work than our employees can handle. We are just as concerned with how we feel in doing our work as we are with making money.