How long will it take for my bra to be made?

It generally takes 4 to 8 weeks, as we don't keep a stock of bras on hand - we literally start making your bra once you order it. It's part of our mission to reduce overstock and minimize waste. If you're ordering a completely custom bra, the time will increase.

Where do you source your materials?

We source our materials from ethical, reputable suppliers and choose the most sustainable options available, sourcing from Canadian producers whenever possible. Please ask us if you'd like more details.

Why are your products so expensive?

You're comparing a custom-made product to a mass-produced, ready to wear product, and that isn't a fair comparison. Custom bra and lingerie makers are some of the most knowledgeable and highly respected professionals in the fashion industry. The knowledge and skill required to not only create a bra, but to custom-fit it to an individual, is not commonly held. Bras are highly engineered garments that need to be made from good quality materials in order to last.

Did you know that every single bra in the world is made by hand? Somewhere, someone sewed every stitch of the bra you are wearing. It usually takes a bra company six months or more to design, test, and draft a pattern. Then, think about the cost of materials. Think about how long it takes to construct a garment – even in a large industrial factory, it is going to take several hours of labour.

Now look at your price tag. If your bra is under $40, do you think the labourers who sewed it are earning a living wage? Do you think the fabrics and materials were ethically sourced?

Our bras are made for each individual person that makes an order. You will never get that service from a ready-to-wear bra.
The bras are made right here in St. Stephen, Canada, and labour is charged at a living wage – which is still much lower than the skill set should be paid.
We source beautiful, high-quality materials for you so that your bra lasts as long as it can.

Our bras are not expensive – they are a bargain!