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Simple, stable Lace bra straps - a mini tutorial

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You know those long scraps of lace trim edges that are just too pretty to throw away? If you're anything like me, you probably hoard them in a scrap box, waiting to find the perfect project for them. 

Why not include them in your original project instead? 

I've been make a lot of sheer bras this summer. Some are completely sheer, some have lace frames and bands, some have lace upper cups, and some are entirely lace. To optimize every last bit of lace, I often cut cup and frame pieces so that I have long, lace edge pieces to add to straps. Here's an example with a lace bra I'm working on:

lace bra cup and strap pieces

First, I the lace scrap the length of my strap and the width, with enough allowance to fold the lace around to the back of the strap. I line the low point of the scalloped edge with the edge of the strap. If you've got mirrored lace trim and enough room, you can mirror the straps exactly. If not, you can generally make the "highs and lows" match. (If someone is close enough to you to mention that your lace isn't exactly mirrored when you're wearing it, just remember - that means they're close enough to slap.)

In this example, I used 5/8" strap elastic.

lace bra straps ready for sewing

All ready to sew! But wait, not quite. I need to stabilize the strap elastic so it doesn't stretch out. I use a tricot stabilizer tape that does double duty - it covers the cut edge of the lace, and it stabilizes the strap. You can also use twill tape, or ribbon - anything that keeps the strap from stretching and will be comfortable against your skin.

lace bra strap being sewn on machine

A bit hard to see - perhaps I should have used a lighter colour for tutorial purposes! 

I did a small zigzag stitch to attach the layers, on the inside (not the scalloped edge) of the stabilizer tape. I then did a second pass, catching the other edge and the scalloped edge, securing the lace. 

And that's it! Two lovely straps that will be going on a sheer chocolate bra with a lace upper cup today. 

cherry lace bra straps

And here is a close up - the colour is off, but I wanted to show that the stitching basically disappears into the lace, even though I was using black thread. If anyone has an issue with know what to do. 

cherry lace bra straps on green background

All the supplies I use are available in the kits in my shop. If you'd like extra lace, or different amounts of elastic to match your own kit or creativity requirements, just ask and I'll make one for you! 

In this tutorial, I used the Dark Cherry Chocolate sheer fabric kit