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Your bra should support you

we build bras so comfortable, you forget you're wearing them


The Right Size Band

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You deserve a bra that supports you.

Bra shopping is no fun - but it's not your body that's the problem. It's how bras are made, marketed, and sold. We're different.

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Rather than feeling humiliated or dissatisfied after shopping for a bra I feel cute and a lot more confident. I will be coming back to you when I need another bra for sure.

When I tried on my new bra, it fit like a glove. No more slipping straps, sliding up in the back or "spillage." This is exactly what a bra should feel like.

I've had Abby make me two bras now. The first one I loved so much I stopped wearing my store bought bras. The second, my husband bought for me because he noticed I ever only wore one bra and thought maybe I should be able to wash it!

I always thought that it was me. Who knew that it wasn't my shoulders, my breasts that were the problem? It was the bra that was the problem. Now I know better and I feel better.

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